Sunday, October 25, 2015

Big and Little Buddies

It's a beautiful day for the last outdoor Glenwood Sunday Market of the season (The first indoor market will be held in the Glenwood Bar on Sunday, 8 November). Because my usually charming canine companion was not on her best behavior this morning, i went to the market without her, which made it a lot easier to stop and take a picture of these two best buddies. 
Perennial crowd-pleaser and past star of this blog, Ralphie, was there with his giant ears as well. Sorry i called you Louie, Ralphie; if it's any consolation, i'm even worse at remembering people's names.

Barkley (l.) and Tilly (r.) enjoying a trip to the
Glenwood Sunday Market

Lest you think it is easy to get a good picture of two dogs,
here is what 80% of my pictures look like.

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